I had a conversation with some of my friends last week. We used FaceTime. One of them asked me a very serious question, “Do you repeat clothes?” I can’t help but laugh. Never did I thought that a guy friend would actually ask that. I browse through my albums to see where he’s coming from. And there I found why. Lol. In case you’re also wondering if I repeat clothes or what my answer was… It was a “yes”, a big big YES! Of course, I do. My clothes aren’t disposable though. Haha. Repeating an outfit is inevitable. Sure, it’s pretty normal but you can wear a certain item in different ways. Remember my Classico post wherein I wore the same top? Since it’s fall/autumn season already and it’s starting to get really cold here in Bologna, I decided to wear it again but with a different style, a new look. Which style do you like most? :) Btw, I have a love-hate relationship with all the season especially fall and winter because dressing up would be a little harder. Hello layering! Hello stockings! Hello booties! At least I will have an opportunity to try different styles again!



Who Dat Hipstah

Top: CULTURE | Bottom: MOTIVI | Eyewear: RAY-BAN | Socks: H&M | Belt: GUESS


“Finally, a new blog post”, this is probably my favorite line at the moment. You all know that I am not a full-time blogger but I believe some of you (my regular readers) are looking forward to reading my new post. I am torn between blogging and drifting away from it these days. I don’t like taking photos of my ootd these days because I just discovered that I gained a lot of weight during the summer — which you could clearly see in the photos — and most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. Like I am so sad about it. My brother gained weight too, we are getting fat together :p That’s a serious matter, please don’t laugh at us. Lol. Of course, I’m just kidding. Story long short, I’m camera shy coz I look so bloated. Now that it’s officially autumn/fall, I decided to get back in shape so I could wear my old clothes again. Salad diet, it is! No more but-s and excuses. Btw, I channeled a hipster look yesterday because I’m feeling like a hipstah!!! Toodles! Xx


Leather Weather

Top: FOREVER21 | Bottom: LEVI’S | Jacket: BERSHKA | Eyewear: RAY-BAN |

Necklace: TERRANOVA | Watch: SWATCH

DSC_0633DSC_0644DSC_0641DSC_0648DSC_0652I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post that the weather here is really bipolar again. We attended a birthday dinner party last Saturday. The sun is up but I’m not sure if the rain will pour so I brought my leather jacket with me. As much as I hate the fact that we’re close to the cold season, I missed and love wearing my leather jacket. It’s very timeless, comfy and it never goes out of fashion. It is one of a few clothing you would never get tired of wearing because you could pull off any style you want with it. I also wore my D.I.Y. shorts (my brother’s damaged shorts) for the first time :p


Tell Me Tomorrow

Top/Skirt Set: ALCOTT| Outwear:  MOSSIMO


Bang bang into the room, bang bang all over you. Wait a minute let me take you there, wait a minute ’til ya bang bang there goes your heart, back back seat of my car. Wait a minute let me take you there, wait a minute ’til ya!”

Started my post with a Bang Bang lyrics because I’m feeling so hyper tuhhday and I can’t stop singing the song! Summer’s nearly over and the weather here in Bologna is starting to be bipolar again. I don’t like it because it’s very hard to dress up. I always have to make sure that my outfit is sunny/rainy-day-ready. I still have a lot of summer clothes and I’m having a bit of trouble choosing the right outfit. Instead of opting for a comfy sweater, I wore my top & skirt set instead. I used my mom’s plain button down shirt as my outwear then paired it with my combat boots in case it rains. I don’t want my feet to get wet — one of the most irritating things in the world (or maybe just for me, lol). Stay safe and dry everyone!


Too Sassy For You



Top: H&M | Bottom: LEVI’S | Outwear: TERRANOVA | Shoes: SUPERGA |

Eyewear: RAYBAN

DSC_0562DSC_0570DSC_0563DSC_0567After almost a week, I am back! I was very busy last week that I have no time to blog. I missed everyone! We’re always out fixing/renewing some papers. Nothing’s up with my life lately except the fact that I’m getting so addicted to Clash Of Clans. Yup, you read it right. Haha! My best friend brought me to COC and now I can’t stop playing the game. And also, I’M ALWAYS PIGGING OUT. That’s pretty normal though :p  I should end my quick post here. I still can’t promise that I would be active next week because I still have a lot of things to finish. *sigh*


Queen B



Dress: OVS | Shoes: SKECHERS | Bracelet: FOREVER21 | Necklace: TERRANOVA | Watch: SWATCH


After an hour of thinking of using ‘Queen B’ or ‘Human Error’ as my blog post title, I finally made up my mind. I chose ‘Queen B’ because my dress says “BELLA” and I want to write something positive. Most of the time, the subject tells what the body is all about. Simple things really matter sometimes.

 Bella means beautiful. We, women, always want to feel beautiful. We are all beautiful but admit it or not, sometimes we find it hard to acknowledge our own beauty. When we look in the mirror, we see ourselves the other way around — “I LOOK UGLY”, as we may always say. Sometimes, we need to tell ourselves that we are beautiful because we really are. Now I’m challenging every girl out there to finish the sentence below. Just write down everything that makes you feel beautiful. Write as many as you can. I will also write down mine!

“I believe that I am beautiful because…” 

…God made me and He said I’m beautiful.

…I was not afraid to cut my mermaid hair and try a new look.

…I know my flaws and imperfections.

…I am unique.

…I am an amazing daughter, sister, friend and lover.

…I am weak but I am strong.

…I know who I am.

…hatred is not my thing.

…I believe in what I can do.

…I am confident.

…I could go out with my bare face.

I have to end my post here before I could write a noble :p Now, it’s your turn! Feel free to share yours below :)


DIY Acid Washed Ombré Shorts

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, my shorts are my best friends for life! I sold most of my shorts when I had a garage sale and brought few here in Italy. And now I’m getting addicted to buying shorts again, as well as turning my old pants into shorts. Yes, I cut another jeans again and I brought out my creativity. Artsy-farsty!




I think I cut it too short. My bad! But I’ll find ways to fix it :p Anyway, after I cut my jeans, I decided to bleach the bottom part of it. I used a small bucket because I want a dramatic division line. You could achieve it in few steps!

1. Fill the bucket with 1/4 water and 1/4 bleach solution, mix together. (Don’t forget to use gloves so it won’t damage your hands)

2. Fold the shorts vertically (I folded mine 2x).


3. Dip it in the solution. Wait for 30 minutes.


4. I checked it after 20 minutes and as you can see, the color changed. But I want it lighter so I waited for another 10 minutes.


5. Rinse it with water and then dry it!

Here’s the result!!! Yay! I’m into D.I.Y.ing shorts these days. I still have another pants to cut! Watch out! :)

DSC_0475DSC_0476Go make yours too! It’s fun! :)



Top: AHLENS | Bottom: TERRANOVA | Shoes: VANS | Bracelets: FOREVER21 |

Eyewear: RAY-BAN


I channeled a ragged vibe yesterday throwing my favorite item at the moment, my boyfriend jeans. Before I bought my pants, I was actually thinking of ripping my old pants. Luckily, I found a pair of ripped jeans at Terranova and I got them at a very low cost — from €29.99 to €5.99!!! That’s the last piece so I got them though the size isn’t my size. The size of the jeans is small yet it’s a bit big for my waist. Anyway, the belt could do the adjustments anyway :P Hooray!

We’ve always envied men for their comfortable clothes, but I think we got a remedy, the Boyfriend Jeans!!! It is one of the hottest trends right now. Boyfriend jeans are loose-fitting, slouchy and create a baggy look. It is also often rolled up on the ankles. I love wearing boyfriend jeans because they’re very comfortable and I could style it in so many ways. I tried to pair mine with my Vans and a crop top to create a casual daytime look. Have you got your boyfriend jeans yet? Grab yours now! :)


Young Blood





Here comes the hardest part again — thinking of something to blog about. I have only one subject on my mind, it’s ‘life’s toughest questions I’ve encountered that I find hard to answer’. Here are the questions:

  1. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?  Seriously speaking, I don’t know. You may say that my life has no direction but really I don’t know. I still have no plans about anything. The path I’ve chosen is very far from where I want to be and what I want to do. Whatever will be will be. I’ll let you know after I graduate. Lol.
  2.  Why are you, you?   Is this even a question? Or does it really have to be a question? I am me because I am me. No exact reason. No explanation needed.
  3. If not now, then when?   One of life’s toughest questions. I guess it depends on the situation. I believe that things will happen at the right time with a good reason. But sometimes, we have to do an action to make things happen (for us to be successful).
  4. What if…?   It’s very hard to answer life’s ‘what ifs‘. It makes us overthink and worry about the future. I used to live in ‘what ifs’ but then I realized that I have to live in the present moment. Things will come and happen. Learn how to take risks.

    I want to stop wondering ‘what if’, I want to know ‘what is’.” —OMC

  5. How tall are you?   Like seriously, you want me to answer that?! You may leave my blog now. Hahahaha. Of course, I’m just kidding. It just hurts when someone asks me what my height is. Most of the people think that I am younger than my brother and I don’t know if I should be happy about that. What do you think? Haha.

 That’s all I have for now. Feel free to share yours below :)


How To Repair Damaged Shorts?

Isn’t it annoying when your favorite shorts got damaged/stained? VERY ANNOYING. But in my case, it was my brother’s shorts that got damaged so I didn’t panic. In fact, I am very very happy that it got stained in the laundry. Lol. *insert evil sister laugh here*. I really want that shorts of his. See the pink spots? I did a little makeover by ripping it. Tutorial below!


In ripping the shorts, you’ll need: 1. Scissors | 2.Cuticle Pusher | 3. Emery Board

Here are the steps (full description of each number below):


  1. Basically, I cut the shorts first since it’s a bit lengthy. You should also consider the style. Decide on how do you want your shorts to be ripped. You could research or use your imagination.
  2. Cut it! Be careful when cutting. You could draw some lines if you’re not sure with your cutting skills :p
  3. If you are a first timer, I suggest that you should cut a small section inside first.
  4. Distressing makes it easier for you to pull the threads out.
  5. Threads are much visible when you reverse your shorts inside out.
  6. Pulling the threads could take a little longer but when you got the steps, everything will be easy.

Here’s my finished product! It took me a lot of patience. Haha. But for the sake of customizing  my brother’s damaged shorts, I worked hard and put in my best effort :p


Since the shorts still have visible stains, I decided to bleach it. I sprayed some Clorox to the damaged areas then I left the bleach solution for about 30 minutes. Then ta-da! It turned out so well. And don’t forget to wash it before wearing! I can’t wait to rock my DIY ripped/acid wash shorts! :)DSC_0297DSC_0296