My Life Lately


My life lately has been very complicated. I recently had my hair chopped again because I’ve been so stressed the past weeks. My laptop’s messed up and it gave up the other day. It’s very hard to deal with having no laptop, especially when you’re blogging. I tried using my dad’s laptop, but I can’t access my Flickr account. I’m left with two new outfit post and counting. I can now imagine how loaded I would be next month! Anyway, we already got our permesso last Tuesday and it complicates things more. I hate being torn between choices and making big decisions. I tend to overthink every day, every night. This too shall pass. November just started, but I am very stressed already.

Nevertheless, there are so many things that are currently making me happy including working with big brands! Btw, I entertain advertisers/sponsors and my blog is open for collaborations. But the business will start again next month. Feel free drop me a message anytime! You may contact me at or just fill up this form for inquiries. I promise to respond promptly.

Also, there’s so much to look forward to next year. Major blog changes will be up soon. I can’t wait to share it with you guys! I should end it up here. Nothing keeps me busy nowadays except school and little stuff. I will be leaving my blog for now till I get a new lappy. Good day guys! xx





Since I’m having a hard time taking my OOTDs, I decided to blog about fashion-related things to keep my blog updated. Fashion Basics are trending all over the fashion world! We are getting back to basics. I, personally, am not really a basicer. I usually go for ‘too much details’ pieces, but the trend drove me to wearing basic pieces too! As a fashion enthusiast, I try to build a well-balanced wardrobe including the basics. The photo above was a group of my top must-have basics that I personally created using Polyvore.

BASIC TOPS. Whether it is a crop top, a shirt, a halter top. Something comfortable that you could pair up with anything. I love Forever 21‘s basics. Whenever I go online shopping, I always check their basics section. They almost have everything in different styles and colors.

LEGGINGS. I am the type of person who wears a lot of leggings instead of jeans. They are the most comfortable pants ever! And they come in many colors and prints. How cute is that? I just checked some online shops earlier and Zalora has so many stylish leggings to choose from. You could rock any styles using it, you just have to squeeze out that creativity inside you.  Perfect with anything indeed!

BASIC SHOES. Slip-ons, chunkies and all white/black sneakers are also trending these days and who wouldn’t love owning one of these? Casual yet very chic!

BASIC BAGS. Like a canvas tote bag, statement clutch and the such. They’re perfect for anything casual. Also, if you’re feeling a bit lazy, you could just put everything inside it and voila! You’re free to go!

Accessories are just plus points, but a watch is a necessity. You couldn’t always depend on your phone to check the time so be sure to wear a watch wherever you go. Enjoy your basics! :)


Game Day Outfit x Fanatics

game dayFrankly speaking, I am not into any sports and my knowledge about it is quite limited. I barely know baseball. I mean, how the whole game works but hey, it’s good to learn new things sometimes! Don’t you just love to witness a game live with your family, or friends while drinking a mug of beer and munching on some tacos?

Since fashion is my thing, I thought of channeling a style that I haven’t tried. With the help of Fanatics, an online retailer for everything sports, I could show-off my perfect game day outfit! I always love to challenge myself especially when it’s associated with fashion. I chose a black and white ensemble including a crop top, a tennis skirt, a pair of chunkies, chokers, a watch, a rucksack bag, very dark lippies and a New York Yankees New Era 39THIRTY Classic Team Game hat to complete the look My game day outfit is a mix of indie, grunge, girly but also sporty! I love how Fantastics baseball hats could add a little twist and flavor to my style. It’s unusual for me to pull off a sporty look but Fantastics‘ huge selection of hats made me want to try it! Why not pick your own baseball hats and style it your way? :)


Center Of The Universe





I am having a very bad breakout lately and it’s freaking me out! I haven’t found any remedies yet because my skin is very thin and sensitive. I hate having breakouts because it makes me feel less confident. Anyway, I haven’t shopped for almost a month until those Coltrane booties caught my attention. I am now officially broke, but no regrets. Last Sunday, I was caught in my bodycon midi skirt featuring my belly fats. I didn’t know how on Earth did I managed to wear a fitted skirt. Haha, just kidding. *singing All About That Bass atm*. I tried to keep everything minimal with nothing but watch as my accessory.



Top: ENOS JEANS | Bottom: MNG | Shoes: SKECHERS


Hey! What’s up my readers? While I’m waiting for my 3:30PM class, I decided to update my blog (obviously). I find it really hard to update my blog regularly these days because my brother and I have different schedules and his school is too far from mine. No one would take my #schooldiaries photos. Nevertheless, I am trying to update it at least once a week! Anyway, I channeled the inner indie in me once again. (I hope I didn’t fail. lol). My brother said it’s better if I’d hide my face so I did. I’m not sure if he’s insulting me or he just wanted to make it really indie-ish! Haha. And of course, I seek for the help of VSCO cam. I love VSCO for real. Btw, if you are following me on Instagram, you will notice that I have been deleting and re-uploading photos. I know it’s super annoying (I’m annoyed too, haha) but I can’t help it. I’m too OC for IG :p But whatever! I’ll just go with the flow. Till here!



It Plays On



Top: TERRANOVA | Skort: bazaar | Bag: GENEVIEVE GOZUM | Outwear: BERSHKA


Last Saturday, a friend invited me for a night out. I only have few friends here in Italy but I seldom go out with them. So when my new friend invited me to go out, I didn’t hesitate to come, I gave it a try. To tell you honestly, I panicked a little bit since it’s my first time to go on a ‘night out’. I mean, with friends. I don’t know what to wear. Haha! For goodness’ sake, I know how to dress according to the occasion but I was still pressured – I don’t want to dress down nor overly dressed. I thought of combining something semi-formal and something casual. Talking about playing safe :p I ended up with an origami skirt and a jersey tees ensemble plus booties and a leather jacket to complete the whole look! I didn’t wear any accessories. Done! I guess I survived the whole night. Lol. And I met new friends! Yaaaas! Saturday night was indeed fun!






I had a conversation with some of my friends last week. We used FaceTime. One of them asked me a very serious question, “Do you repeat clothes?” I can’t help but laugh. Never did I thought that a guy friend would actually ask that. I browse through my albums to see where he’s coming from. And there I found why. Lol. In case you’re also wondering if I repeat clothes or what my answer was… It was a “yes”, a big big YES! Of course, I do. My clothes aren’t disposable though. Haha. Repeating an outfit is inevitable. Sure, it’s pretty normal but you can wear a certain item in different ways. Remember my Classico post wherein I wore the same top? Since it’s fall/autumn season already and it’s starting to get really cold here in Bologna, I decided to wear it again but with a different style, a new look. Which style do you like most? :) Btw, I have a love-hate relationship with all the season especially fall and winter because dressing up would be a little harder. Hello layering! Hello stockings! Hello booties! At least I will have an opportunity to try different styles again!



Who Dat Hipstah

Top: CULTURE | Bottom: MOTIVI | Eyewear: RAY-BAN | Socks: H&M | Belt: GUESS


“Finally, a new blog post”, this is probably my favorite line at the moment. You all know that I am not a full-time blogger but I believe some of you (my regular readers) are looking forward to reading my new post. I am torn between blogging and drifting away from it these days. I don’t like taking photos of my ootd these days because I just discovered that I gained a lot of weight during the summer — which you could clearly see in the photos — and most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. Like I am so sad about it. My brother gained weight too, we are getting fat together :p That’s a serious matter, please don’t laugh at us. Lol. Of course, I’m just kidding. Story long short, I’m camera shy coz I look so bloated. Now that it’s officially autumn/fall, I decided to get back in shape so I could wear my old clothes again. Salad diet, it is! No more but-s and excuses. Btw, I channeled a hipster look yesterday because I’m feeling like a hipstah!!! Toodles! Xx


Leather Weather

Top: FOREVER21 | Bottom: LEVI’S | Jacket: BERSHKA | Eyewear: RAY-BAN |

Necklace: TERRANOVA | Watch: SWATCH

DSC_0633DSC_0644DSC_0641DSC_0648DSC_0652I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post that the weather here is really bipolar again. We attended a birthday dinner party last Saturday. The sun is up but I’m not sure if the rain will pour so I brought my leather jacket with me. As much as I hate the fact that we’re close to the cold season, I missed and love wearing my leather jacket. It’s very timeless, comfy and it never goes out of fashion. It is one of a few clothing you would never get tired of wearing because you could pull off any style you want with it. I also wore my D.I.Y. shorts (my brother’s damaged shorts) for the first time :p


Tell Me Tomorrow

Top/Skirt Set: ALCOTT| Outwear:  MOSSIMO


Bang bang into the room, bang bang all over you. Wait a minute let me take you there, wait a minute ’til ya bang bang there goes your heart, back back seat of my car. Wait a minute let me take you there, wait a minute ’til ya!”

Started my post with a Bang Bang lyrics because I’m feeling so hyper tuhhday and I can’t stop singing the song! Summer’s nearly over and the weather here in Bologna is starting to be bipolar again. I don’t like it because it’s very hard to dress up. I always have to make sure that my outfit is sunny/rainy-day-ready. I still have a lot of summer clothes and I’m having a bit of trouble choosing the right outfit. Instead of opting for a comfy sweater, I wore my top & skirt set instead. I used my mom’s plain button down shirt as my outwear then paired it with my combat boots in case it rains. I don’t want my feet to get wet — one of the most irritating things in the world (or maybe just for me, lol). Stay safe and dry everyone!